Update 18.04: All winners have now been selected. Congratulations to 11 outstanding businesses and the inspiring grand prize for Open Hand Project. http://blog.intuit.co.uk/wp-admin/post.php?post=8346&action=edit
Update 14.04: The 5 final winners have been selected and will now be announced one by one this week (after confirming the final details with each one). Grand Prize to be announced before Friday 18.04.
Update 06.04: The submission period for new entries and the collection of votes finished on 04/04. We’re now selecting the final 5 winners – incl. the grand prize and will announce them this and next week. Stay tuned.

More than 1000 businesses entered SmallBusinessLocalBuzz.co.uk and it’s amazing to read through all the passionate and inspiring stories on the platform. You are all winners, really! Each and every one who had the courage, perseverance and passion to build their own business deserves highest respect and all our support. We read through all! entries and it was really hard to only select 11 out of all these entries. The jury selected the following and final 11. Congratulations to each one! You can read their stories on the blog:

Final winners:

What’s next?
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Here are some happy faces of the winners so far. Read their stories and “like” to support small businesses.

To learn more about the Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Local Buzz campaign read our other #SupportSmallBizUK blog articles or have a look at the official launch and final press release.

4 thoughts on “All winners of Small Business Local Buzz

  1. Very excited to have won, looking forward to boosting my embroidery biz with some super technology and providing you with more unique, rockin’ threads stitched with a twist!

  2. I have entered my business into this competition. I have real hope of a win but i also see that there are many great businesses that are much further on than Urbantu Wear, some clearly serving really good causes, and some having established a strong customer and client bases, so I also am realistic. That being said, I feel really inspired by this competition. It is a great way to make people aware of importance of small businesses in our communities and around the country! It really isn’t only about the big boys out there; even from zero with an idea, and the will to do something about it everybody can do something. I have found that taking the courage to start marketing and talking publicly about my business because of my entry, has given me confidence that I didn’t really have before. I was hesitant since I am a new business starting out. But I am surprised at the feedback and support that has been coming out of it! So, in a way, even though I am really desperate to win even a small prize, I consider that, the energy that I have had to use to promote my entry into the competition has been really good for me and Urbantu Wear. I have made some really great contacts and really started to announce the presence of my great business; it has been a win win situation, which is something that I really appreciate. Who can ask for better than that? So thanks to QuickBooks! It is a great idea. Let’s. Have more of this please.

  3. Please, the suspense has me gorging jam donuts in anticipation: who are the final 3 companies on the Local Buzz choicest list of new start-ups?

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