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In this free webinar, Johnny Martin, Intuit’s Financial Fitness Coach, looks at four simple steps to getting your finances organised right from the start.

It’s available on-demand so you can watch it whenever you like – get financially fit on the bus, in the office or on your lunch break!

This high-energy, jargon-free session covers:

  • Invoicing and tracking expenses
  • Managing cashflow
  • VAT
  • Reporting

Watch it now and please let us have your feedback and requests for future webinar topics.

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A very big thank you to those who attended the SmallBizMatters Event at Crepeaffaire in Spitalfields Market, London on April 6th. We hope you enjoyed the delicious and free crepes, beautiful weather and wonderful surroundings. We appreciate all the tweets and Facebook comments in support of British small businesses.

At Intuit, we make products and services that help small businesses succeed. We spend a lot of time listening to business owners, understanding the problems that small businesses face and thinking of ways we can help. So when we were deciding how best to mark our launch of QuickBooks Online in Britain, we chose an event that would also help British small businesses by raising awareness about how much they matter.

Many small businesses and their supporters told us via Twitter and Facebook why British small businesses matter to them. We have included some of the comments below. We have also put together a collection of pictures from the event. Take a look and see if you can spot yourself! 






Smarta.com has announced it will include QuickBooks Online as part of its Smarta Business Builder software-as-a-service solution. 

Smarta Business Builder enables businesses to access their finances, website, business plan, email and legal documents all from a single web browser.

Sháá Wasmund, Founder and CEO of Smarta said: “QuickBooks Online is a powerful, but easy-to-use solution which will save businesses both time and money – so is a perfect fit for Smarta Business Builder.”

Smarta Business Builder comprises of:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Online
  • LivePlan from Palo Alto Software Inc
  • Fusemail hosted email from J2 communications
  • Sitemaker website builder from Moonfruit
  • Legal Document Builder from Epoq

Smarta Business Builder is also backed by Theo Paphitis, chairman of Ryman, star of BBC’s Dragons’ Den and a Smarta board member. 

One month on from the VAT increase, we decided to poll 1400 small businesses to see how they have been affected by the change. The results were slightly surprising! Despite the widespread media hype, two thirds of those we surveyed confirmed that the VAT increase has had no impact on their business. Perhaps even more unexpectedly, 44% of small business owners said they agreed with the Government’s decision when quizzed about whether increasing VAT is the best way to tackle the national deficit.

It is certainly reassuring to know that many small business owners have been able to cope with the recent VAT increase despite widespread predictions of doom and gloom. As this is the third VAT rate change in less than three years, many of you who have been around for a while may feel that you’ve have had enough practice to cope with the changes! What is even more encouraging to see is that when looking for advice on how to manage the change, around one in five turned to other small business owners for support.

Do these results reflect your own experience with the VAT increase? Do you think the tough times are still to come? Have your say in the comments section below.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, in honour of Global Entrepreneurship Week our resident small business specialist, Catherine Harrell, took to the airwaves to discuss why entrepreneurs are so important to the UK economy and to offer some top tips on starting a new business in tough economic times.DSCN1028

Catherine chatted with more than 20 stations around the UK, sharing insights that prospective small business owners and those who have already taken the plunge can use to be ensure their success.

Couldn’t get to the radio in time? Click the podcast below to hear Catherine’s interview with BBC Surrey (104.6FM).

BBC Surrey Interview

Throughout the day, Catherine offered these top tips:

Put your plan on paper – whether you’re approaching a bank or your friends and family, getting a strong business plan in place is crucial to securing funding. This should cover how you plan to attract customers to your business, as well as what your contingency plans are for when things go off track.

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